What is the best technology for web PHP or Node.js?

To program business logic or custom functions on your website, web developers use programming languages. There are many, but the most common are the “Top 5”: PHP, ASP .NET, Java and Ruby. You may have heard of earlier or earlier languages like Perl, ColdFusion, C / C ++, or Python.

A framework (sometimes called a platform) is the next “level” of your website. A framework is a group of field-tested and optimized code libraries that provide the building blocks that you can use to build a website.

A database engine or database server is the underlying component of your website that stores all of your website data. The term web server can refer to the hardware (the physical computer) or the software (the computer application) that enables your website to be served to the end user.

NodeJS is not a programming language, but an open source runtime environment for JavaScript.

The strong point of Node.js is that it is based on Google’s V8 engine. It is a virtual machine with a built-in interpreter, compilers and optimizer. This engine, written in C ++, was developed by Google for use in Google Chrome. The purpose of this engine is to compile JavaScript functions into machine code. The V8 is known for its high speed and constantly evolving performance.

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