What are the must-needed skills to start a career as a web developer?

Let me explain that web development is a vast subject. The domain of web development is witnessing a growth like never before. Naturally, nobody can fully master every single language that falls under the umbrella of “web development.”. You’ll have to work on it and figure out if you wish to become a full stack developer or a back-end programmer. A full stack developer knows how to design a website alongside working on the back-end section. The back-end programmers may not necessarily have to be expert designers but they should at least be familiar with the basics to tweak the layout as per coding needs. A seasoned programmer must possess basic knowledge on HTML/ JQuery and CSS. Static web pages are made of “fixed code,” and unless the programmer makes changes, nothing will change dynamically on the page.

Components of a Successful Web Developer Career:

Front-End: There are a few skill sets which fall under the umbrella of front-end development.

i.e. HTML, CSS, and JS. Without HTML and CSS.

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard language of every web page and internet. HTML is the basic coding and building block of the internet. HTML basically creates a web page on the internet.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a presentation of HTML. It makes the whole thing look pretty. CSS are bricks for fonts, colours, and layout of the website and translates HTML into a visualization.

JS: JavaScript (JS) takes care of website behaviour and interaction with the browser. JS and jQuery make the websites interactive and functional.

Knowledge for Backend Development:

You’ll have to choose your preferred programming language.

I’m a PHP programmer. If you are willing to take PHP as your chosen back-end language, try the following:

1. Server: You must have an idea of how the server works. Whether it is a Linux/ Apache or a Windows server. You may not be a server administrator, but to run your back-end code you need a web server. You need to know how to control the settings which can affect your programming. There are thousands of system variables, depending on what you need to change.

2. Database: A back-end programming without database is like a human without memory. You cannot store data without a database like MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle. There are many RDBMS platforms out there.

3. You should know at least one framework (Codeigniter, Laravel etc.) to get yourself acquainted with the MVC architecture.

4. Finally, try to practice programming with a popular CMS like Wordpress or Drupal and get familiar with it.

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